Groupe Cofimé and CSR

In 2023, it has become essential for organisations of all kinds, as they strive for financial stability and sustainability in their economic activity, to rethink their social and environmental commitments and their territorial roots.

To support our customers as they confront these multiple challenges, we have chosen to create special communication channels for these issues, and to develop customised offers to help them navigate this area more easily. Naturally, this involves dedicated training programmes with our teams (accreditation of carbon footprint or greenhouse gas footprint, for example).

To date, we have developed a total of seven offers for our customers:

  • Drawing up a carbon footprint or greenhouse gas footprint in line with regulations
  • Defining the non-financial indicators best suited to the customer’s activity
  • Non-financial reporting
  • Research into grants and tax credits related to customer projects
  • Improving HR practices to boost the corporate climate and wellbeing at work
  • Operational support for actors in the social and solidarity economy
  • Defining a sustainable and responsible communication strategy

GROUPE COFIME is equally committed, and has embarked on its own CSR approach, thanks in part to its adhesion to INITIATIVES DURABLES and to the ZEI platform which has also been set up, resulting in an initial internal evaluation and the introduction of an improvement plan:

  • Environmental awareness campaigns for employees
  • Creation of a working group of ten employees on the issue of eco-friendly behaviours
  • Reflecting on vehicle use, choosing fuel-efficient vehicles, mobility plans
  • Implementing major initiatives to reduce energy consumption in our buildings, in collaboration with a specialist organisation.

We still have some way to go, but we are all fully committed to the journey!

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